Sunday, June 20, 2010

Django in June - Joscho Stephan

Attended a couple of workshops at Django in June in Northampton this weekend, including a couple of classes taught by German gypsy jazz guitarist Joscho Stephan, who has monster chops and comes across as an unusually smart, savvy and frank person. Stephan put on a monster performance at the concluding concert Saturday night.

He was quite proud that one of his videos had been viewed over 200,00 times, and commented on what a boost the Internet has been to his career - CD sales down, concert invites up! I think this is the vid he was referring to.

Thanks to my sister Susan, who signed me up for this event. Thanks Susan! And thanks to a not-to-be-named federal district court judge in Boston for deferring a trial scheduled to start on Monday, so I could get away for a day.