Wednesday, February 01, 2006

An interesting new site, is an online radio station. You enter the names of artists you like, and pandora plays tunes by these artists, as well as tunes by artists that pandora's staff has characterized similarly as part of the music genome project. The result is to expose you to artists you might like, but may have never even heard of. In fact, many of the musical selections appear to be by non-mainstream artists.

One guitarist (who's music is not available on amazon and who has no listing in, is Jeffrey Burr. His guitar playing sounds just wonderful, and it seems that the only place you can hear it (short of buying his CDs), is on pandora.

Some other artists that pandora as exposed me to are the Todd Gustavson Trio, John Lewis, Enrico Pieranunzi and Brian Bromburg.

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Jeffrey Burr said...

Hi! Thanks for the kind words about my music-playing. Clips from my recordings can be found at my website (your link doesn't work so good, btw), and now there are more generous (full-length) samples at my MySpace page:
yay! I invite all to be my 'friend'.