Wednesday, September 20, 2006

If you love guitar chords -- and what jazz guitarist doesn't? -- this is the site for you. To quote from the site:
Virtual Guitar & Chordbook is our main application, this features a flash modelled guitar, over 1300 guitar chords and inversions. You can save chords to your chordbank (mychords).

On the guitar you can do all the normal stuff, like put on a capo go up and down the frets, drag and drop the finger markers to make your own guitar chords.

Chord Sequencer: you can sequence your guitar chords and play them back in the mychords area!

Learn to play scales and improve your lead solos, with the guitar scales generator. Quick tune your guitar using the guitar tuner and try out alternative tunings.

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musicmamaster said...

A friend of mine turned me on to his professor's music, this wonderful jazz guitarist named Peter Curtis