Monday, January 05, 2009

Film: Let Yourself Go - The Lives of Fred Hersch

The New Yorker Fred Hersch is one of the best pianists and composers of contemporary Jazz. His musical work is remarkable, and so is his way of life.

Hersch, now 53 years old, has been HIV positive for twenty years. His disease progressed to AIDS only a few years ago. He was one of the first Jazz musicians who 1994 publicly came out as gay and HIV-positive.

Openly and well-humoured, he speaks on this DVD about his life, his career with all its ups and downs and about his music - the vital force that empowers him to live with his illness.

Filmmaker Katja Duregger has followed Fred Hersch over a period of two years. She shot much of the material by herself, which enabled her to produce a very intimate and moving portrait of this exceptional musician.

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